Transcending borders.

Tapping potential.





Steinbauer Immobilien is always aiming to locate, define and implement your ideal real estate solution; one that is tailored to each customer’s specific needs. In the process, we select the optimal solution for you from a wide range of relevant alternatives.


Even the best space utilisation concepts are eventually obsolete. The demands of commercial clients, technical requirements and possibilities, as well as the situation in each specific market are all continuously changing.

Steinbauer offers a restructuring of space usage that will take into account current developments as well as medium- and long-term trends.





As a property owner or landlord with Steinbauer Immobilien, you benefit from our many years of experience and our in-depth knowledge of the German property market along with the specifics of the Wiesbaden and Rhine-Main regions. In the process, we always follow a holistic approach that integrates all important stages: from the analysis of your needs and the micro and macro analysis of the location, to the comparison with your requirements and strategic advice on the final property selection, and then on to contract negotiation and structuring.

Property search

When searching for properties, Steinbauer customers can make use of our expertise and

the extensive Steinbauer network of contacts in the Wiesbaden area, the Rhine-Main region and throughout Germany. We are always searching for the best property that will achieve your short-, medium- and long-term business goals.





Regardless of its location and quality, Steinbauer Immobilien can always find a good buyer for your property, drawing on a wide customer base that has been built up over 30 years. With thoroughness and dependability, Steinbauer will accompany you from the initial valuation and determination of the purchase price, through an in-house pre-sale assessment, right up to the signing of the sales contract. Our company has decades of familiarity with every form of sale (asset, share deal, sale-and-leaseback).

Should external services be required, Steinbauer Immobilien will put our own homegrown network of reliable collaboration partners at your disposal.

Whatever your requirements, Steinbauer will always be able to find the right property. Drawing on our extensive customer base, we can identify and acquire a suitable property that fits your criteria, and set up the deal at short notice. Then, Steinbauer will accompany you through the entire process, from identifying and compiling your list of requirements through the conclusion of the sales contract. We will also happily undertake any necessary leasing or rental activities for you.

If project development services should become necessary in the course of the purchase or sale process (planning permit considerations etc.), Steinbauer Real Estate will be happy to handle these for you as well.




Project development

Steinbauer Immobilien development projects are based on in-depth analysis, extensive market knowledge and a reliable sense of trends and local developments. On this basis, we are able to develop real estate projects for our clients that fully exploit the commercial potential of a property, and make it viable for the future.

Steinbauer also puts together its own development projects in the region, and is available as a trustworthy buyer for suitable properties.


When renovating commercial real estate, our clients benefit from our intuitive sense of style,

our strategic competence and Steinbauer’s deeply-rooted creativity. The conceptual redesign of a particular site always follows holistic principles, and takes the entire situation of the property into account. After a facelift, the individual elements will once again blend harmoniously into the overall architectural ensemble.

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